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Payment Options

iS_1340975_payingbills.jpgBudget Plan

Our Budget Plan is a sensible solution for managing your heating bills. Rather than paying for each heating oil delivery as it arrives, you spread out your costs in 10 even monthly payments that begin in the summer. The program helps in several ways:

  • You pay for your fuel in predictable amounts every month.
  • You avoid a budget squeeze that can occur when your heating bills come one right after another - often at the same time that you're dealing with holiday expenses.
  • You get out in front of your fuel costs. By the time the cold weather arrives, you have already paid a good portion of your heating expenses.

Please contact us today if you'd like to make your costs manageable and predictable with our Budget Plan.

Price Protection

Northboro Oil offers alternative purchase methods, known as price protection, for customers who want to make their fuel costs highly predictable. Without price protection, you pay the market price that is in effect at the time of delivery. Our programs are subject to change, but we generally offer both fixed price and capped price.

Fixed Price: You agree to buy a predetermined number of gallons at a fixed price that does not change during the heating season. Your price will not change regardless of what happens to world heating oil prices.

Capped Price: You agree to buy a fixed number of gallons, and we guarantee (a) that your price will not exceed a predetermined maximum or cap, and (b) your price will decrease over the life of the contract if the price we pay for the heating oil drops.

Price Protection Facts

When you enroll in a price protection program, you sign a binding contract. Please make sure you understand the terms before you sign.

  • Northboro Oil guarantees your price in advance by buying the heating oil at the same time that you enter your price protection contract. We must fulfill our obligation to buy the heating oil, or we incur a cost to escape the wholesale contract. For this reason, your price protection contract includes a penalty clause for cancellations.
  • Fixed Pricing is a tool for making your price predictable. The daily market price can be higher or lower than your guaranteed price, depending on market conditions.

Fuel Assistance

Northboro Oil works with fuel assistance programs including federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Citizens Energy.

  • LIHEAP: The federally funded program assists low-income individuals and families with the cost of heating their homes during the winter season. It is administered in Massachusetts by the state Department of Housing and Community Development in conjunction with 22 regional nonprofit and local government organizations. Benefits vary depending on income levels. For information, call the state's Cold Relief Hotline at (800) 632-8175 or visit
  • Citizens Energy: The Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program provides heating oil at a discounted price to low-income and elderly residents through dealers like Northboro Oil. To find out if you qualify for a Citizens Energy delivery, call (617) 338-6300 or visit

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